How to Know if Housing is Confirmed

Gain insight into understanding the process and signs for confirming housing.

Updated on October 24th, 2023

Quick Answer

Interested in on-campus housing for Berklee's Summer Programs? Follow these steps:

  1. Indicate your housing interest when applying for the program.
  2. Complete the separate Residence Hall Agreement on your account after enrollment.
  3. Await an automatic decision email.
  4. If accepted, confirm or deny housing through your online portal.
  5. Secure your spot by paying the full account balance, including program and housing fees.

Procedures may change; individual Residence Hall Agreements are required for each program.



Please review the steps below to ensure that you've done everything necessary to secure a spot in our residence halls on campus. It's important to understand that the application for staying on campus is separate from the application or registration for the program itself, and involves a separate fee as well. This housing fee covers the costs of living on campus, including an all-you-can-eat meal plan, and grants access privileges to using the dining hall. Procedures are subject to change, and that variations from the below-stated guidelines may occur based on operational needs.

Step 1: Indicate Interest in Housing  
During the Summer Programs Application process, select the checkbox to indicate your interest in on-campus housing.

Step 2: Enrollment and Residence Hall Agreement  
Upon completing your program enrollment or accepting an admission offer, a separate Residence Hall Agreement will become available on your account.

Step 3: ID Assignment and Agreement Completion  
Expect an assigned ID number approximately 2-3 business days after submitting your Summer Programs Application. With this ID, log back into to complete your Residence Hall Agreement.

Step 4: Decision Issuance  
After your Residence Hall Agreement is submitted, it will be reviewed by our staff, and a decision will be emailed to you automatically.

Step 5: Confirm or Deny Housing  
If your request to stay in the residence halls during your summer program is accepted, please confirm or deny your acceptance into on-campus housing within your portal. If your request to stay in the residence halls is denied, please make arrangements to stay off campus during your selected summer program.

Step 6: Finalizing Housing  
Your housing is confirmed only when your account balance—including program and housing fees—is paid in full. We strongly recommend fulfilling these conditions as early as possible.

Important Notices:

  • If your housing request is approved but spaces run out before full payment, you'll receive an email to make off-campus arrangements.
  • You must complete a separate Residence Hall Agreement for each program you intend to participate in.