How to Request a Roommate

Updated on October 25th, 2023

Upon arrival for move-in day, room assignments are generally determined based on age and gender identity. If you and another student wish to share a room, both of you are encouraged to bring a written document confirming mutual agreement for the arrangement—this could be an email, text message, or even a handwritten letter.

For the best chance at being paired together, we strongly recommend arriving simultaneously for program check-in. Roommate allocations often follow the order of check-in, so timing is crucial.

Our Summer Programs Student Life team is committed to accommodating your preferences whenever possible. As a standard practice, we group roommates by age category—minors are housed separately from those 18 and older—and by gender identity. For students identifying as non-binary, you have the freedom to select the residence hall where you feel most at ease, which you can specify at check-in.