Campus Life for Non-Residential Students

Updated on June 5th, 2023

Dining Options

Non-residential students can pay at the dining hall entrance with cash or a debit/credit card and eat with the group. General dining hall hours and information are available at the Berklee Caf website.

Campus Activities

Non-residential students are welcome to participate in any campus activities that take place outside of the residence halls. For a list of potential student activities that take place during Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive, please see the Free Time Outside of Program Curriculum section below.

General Facility Access 
Once a Summer Programs student has checked into their program, their Berklee ID card will grant them access to the buildings in which they will have their classes. Additionally, certain practice rooms and common areas in buildings across campus may be accessed as well. Access to buildings are protected by a card reader, and it's important for Summer Programs students to carry their ID with them at all times.

Access to the residence halls is restricted to the Summer Programs students assigned to that building. Guests are not allowed in the residence halls.

Free Time Outside of Program Curriculum

Free Time Outside of Program Curriculum

Weekend and five-day programs tend to have full schedules, where the free times tend to be intended for meals and to devote to practicing material from the program. 

For longer programs, there may be free time during the evenings and weekends. During that time, Summer Programs students are encouraged to practice, explore the area of Boston around Berklee, socialize with other students in their program, or—on weekends—explore the City of Boston together with their friends. There may be occasional programming during certain programs that Summer Programs students are expected to attend during these times, such as seeing local shows or sightseeing as a group.

During the Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive, there will be a full calendar of activities that Summer Programs students are encouraged to attend outside of their class hours. A schedule of planned events is currently being developed, and will be posted soon. Past events included outings to Red Sox games, trips to local museums, shopping trips in the city, arts and crafts events, and more.