Aspire: Five-Week Scholarship Submission Policies

Updated on February 1st, 2023

The following submission policies will help you successfully navigate the Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive scholarship application process:

  • Berklee scholarships are not available for any program other than Aspire: Five-Week.
  • You must submit your registration for Aspire: Five-Week in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship.
  • Scholarship application materials must be submitted via the scholarship application on the Next Steps tab of your account after you register for the program. Scholarship application materials cannot be submitted via email.
  • Additional submission materials (including letters of recommendation) will not be accepted or reviewed.
  • You cannot edit your scholarship application after it has been submitted. Please ensure your application materials adhere to the requirements and guidelines prior to submitting your scholarship application. 
  • All scholarship decisions are final. If you have already received a scholarship decision from the scholarship application process, you are not eligible to be reconsidered by reapplying for a scholarship.
  • Scholarship awards from Berklee cannot be combined; there is a maximum of one award per person.  
  • There is no federal aid for this program.