Berklee Summer Programs: Student Conduct

Updated on February 2nd, 2023

We want to be clear about our expectations regarding acceptable behavior. We do our best to protect our community, which includes young people and children below the age of 16. Like many college campuses, we do not offer constant adult supervision, but we treat each other with respect in a safe environment. Therefore, if we hear or see something that is contrary to the standards below, we have a duty to investigate the matter in order to protect you and our community. 

Below you can find what you can expect from Berklee and what Berklee expects of you. These behavioral standards are designed and enforced to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all summer programs participants. Failure to abide by these standards will be investigated swiftly and may lead to immediate removal from the program and/or Berklee housing without reimbursement of fees.

  1. Berklee expects summer programs participants to act in a respectful, considerate, and responsible manner at all times. All participants are expected to abide by the rules outlined in the Student Code of Community Standards
  2. Any illegal behavior, including, but not limited to possession and/or use of drugs and/or alcohol or paraphernalia; possession of weapons, firearms, or explosives; and physical violence and/or assault, is in violation of these standards. There is zero tolerance for violation of this policy, and such a violation will result in removal from the program and housing.
  3. Any verbal or physical conduct that is demeaning or threatening is in violation of our Student Code of Community Standards.
  4. Any activity that is a violation of Massachusetts General Law c. 265, s. 23 (commonly known as the statutory rape law) regarding statutory rape and abuse of a child is unlawful and in violation of our standards. Also, please understand that by law, we may be required to report this behavior to state authorities, and such behavior may also be grounds for immediate dismissal from the program without reimbursement of tuition and fees. Please note that in Massachusetts, this law defines a child as someone under the age of 16.

If a participant is alleged to have violated a standard of conduct, a meeting will take place to discuss the behavior and appropriate outcome. The outcome is final, and there is no appeal process for violations of conduct. If the violation results in dismissal from the program, the participant will have 24 hours to vacate their residential building. It is the responsibility of the family to make travel and housing arrangements for their student if they are dismissed.

Additionally, if a student is deemed to be a threat to the safety of the community, they may be immediately suspended and removed from campus housing. If this is the case, the parent/guardian will be contacted, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the student is immediately removed from campus, pending further investigation into the alleged incident. Domestic and international students are bound by these policies.