Gender-Inclusive Housing Policy

Updated on February 5th, 2024

This policy outlines Berklee’s commitment to providing a respectful and supportive housing environment for all students in our Summer Programs, with a special focus on the needs and comfort of gender-diverse students, including those who identify as transgender or non-binary.

Housing Assignment Process: 

  1. General Assignment: We typically assign housing at check-in, considering the age and self-identified gender of each student.
  2. Gender Identity Accommodation: Students are housed according to their self-identified gender. In instances where a significant number of gender-diverse students enroll, we may offer pre-assignment options with peers who share similar gender identities.
  3. Gender-Inclusive Housing: Berklee provides gender-inclusive housing sections within residence halls to support the connection and comfort of gender-diverse students. These areas are available to any student who chooses them, but their use is entirely optional.

Room Change Requests: 

  • Considerations for Requests: Requests for room changes will be considered based on various factors, including available space, potential roommates, and the specific needs of upcoming programs.
  • Request Limitations: We strive to accommodate room change requests, but sometimes logistical constraints limit our ability to do so.

Commitment to Inclusivity:
Berklee College of Music is devoted to fostering an inclusive, understanding, and supportive environment in all our Summer Programs, honoring the diverse identities and experiences of every student.

Contact for Assistance:
For further details or inquiries regarding this policy, please reach out to the Summer Programs team at