Participating in a Summer Program as an Adult

Updated on September 27th, 2023

Many of our Summer Programs do not have a maximum age requirement and while 70-80 percent of students in any given program fall into the 15-18 age range, we also welcome those interested in investing in their performing arts skills as an adult. 

Read below for information that may be of interest to adult students.

Class Placement

Our programs are designed to accommodate a variety of levels. Whether you are enrolling in a performance-based or skill-based program, there is likely a place for you. Class placement for our performance-based programs is generally based on submission of placement audition materials, and our skill-based programs may allow for self-leveling.

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is available upon request and pending capacity for all students 15 and older enrolled in Boston-based programs. Room assignments are based on age and gender identity, so if you choose to stay in on-campus accommodations as an adult, you will be placed in a room with other students who are at least 18 years of age.

Alternatively, if you wish to stay off-campus for your program, we recommend reviewing the suggestions below.

Off-Campus Housing Options

Berklee maintains a list of nearby hotels for visitors, some of which offer discounted rates.

Some students and families have previously found success securing accommodations in the area through airbnb. If you'd like to be close to campus, the Back Bay and Fenway neighborhoods would be the best options.

Berklee maintains a list of off-campus housing resources for students, including information on short-term apartment rentals.

If you're traveling to Berklee from a distance, you may also wish to review our Next Steps for Enrolled Students webpage for additional travel considerations.

Los Angeles Summer Programs

The Colburn School has a webpage where they have a list of hotels near their school.